Modern Self Defence

Modern Self Defence is currently not part of our regular timetable, however private lessons can be arranged. Contact for more information.

Self-defence is a life skill that it is important for everyone to have a working knowledge of. Whilst most people consider self-defence to be a physical, martial activity in fact there is a great deal of psychology involved in this unique area of study.

There are many stages to successful self-defence training including situation assessment, de-escalation, considering the legalities of using force and much more. Whilst all of our lessons tend to by physically based we aim to include elements of all of these ‘other’ things that need considering in each lesson. Of course for private lessons if you require something less physical we can tailor our approach to fit your needs, just let us know.

We consider a number of different reality based scenarios whilst training and present the reality of self-defence as it actually is, no quick fixes, no fancy techniques that will cause you more trouble, no irrelevancies such as learning how to disarm a machine gun, just quick and efficient methods for dealing with potentially violent situations.

The combative arts we study, from bare knuckle boxing to wrestling, all feature heavily in the physical aspects of our study of self defence. They are tried and tested and get the job done should the worst happen and you find yourself in a violent confrontation.