Distance Learning

Since the COVID pandemic we have become adept at teaching via digital means, we are pleased to be able to offer private lessons via Zoom or other videoconferencing software. If this is not an option for you then lessons can be sent to you in packets, all we ask is that you film yourself completing the set exercises so feedback can be provided. Obviously nothing beats having an actual instructor to learn from, however lessons can still be learned and appreciation of martial arts formed via distance learning.

Many students opt for recurring bookings with lessons taking place at the same time each week and payments collected on a monthly basis. This is the preferred method of training and a discount is available, please see the table below for prices.

For longer half-day, full-day or weekend lessons and workshops via remote means please e-mail chris@yorkschoolofdefence.co.uk for more information.

Recurring bookingsOne-off bookings
Half Hour£10£15
One Hour£25£30

Our standard subjects are available for tuition in private lessons (modern self defence, catch wrestling, classical pugilism, English longsword, broadsword & backsword, langes messer, dagger, eskrima armed and unarmed, quarterstaff and bartitsu & suffrajitsu, medieval wrestling. In addition we also offer private lessons and courses on the following:



Greatsword, Spadone, & Montante


Halberd, Poleaxe and other Polearms