Class Prices

We operate on a monthly subscription based model with fees payable via bank transfer on the 1st of each month.

One session per week : £35 per month
Two sessions per week : £55 per month
Three sessions per week : £70 per month
Four sessions per week : £80 per month
As many sessions are you like in a week : £100 per month

Insurance and membership fees are collected in May, the price is £35 per year. Initially the club will cover your first period of insurance and membership up to the next May,

Each student can suspend their membership for one month per year (recommended for students who leave York over the summer), please give one month of notice before commencing with a suspension.

In the event of serious injury that prevents you training or unexpected financial difficulties please speak to us privately, we will do our best to help you train in any way we possibly can via different financial arrangements to those listed here.