The Art That Adorns You is our “at-home” weekend where we open our doors and invite our friends to instruct our other friends who are eager to learn. The weekend is fun, friendly and designed for people of any experience level.

Messer Fest is a joint event organised by Lauren Ireland of the York School of Defence, and Jo York of the Newcastle based Hotspur School of Defence. As the name suggests it focuses entirely on the study of the langes messer and other related disciplines.

Broadsword Fest is jointly organised by Victoria Clow of Saorsa Swords and Chris Halpin of the York School of Defence and alternates annually between Glasgow and York. It focuses on the basket hilted broadsword and backsword alongside other pertinent subjects.

Ecky Thump! is a unique group of HEMA tournaments based in the north of the United Kingdom. It is co-organised by various individuals and member groups and pops up at different venues at different times of the year. It features three base tournament classes, all of which feature a variety of weapons to use.