Bartitsu & Suffrajitsu Beginner’s Course 2021 (Eight Weeks)
Monday evenings, 18:30 – 20:00.
11th October – 29th November.
£50 for eight evenings training.

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Please note that despite the easing of government restrictions on the 19th of July, we will still be keeping many COVID policies in place for the safety of everyone attending the club. Lateral flow tests will be required by all attendees, and whilst mask wearing is optional it is at the discretion of your training partner if they would feel safer training with someone wearing on. Full guidance will be sent out in the week leading up to your first class. If you have any queries please get in touch via e-mail.

Learn the martial arts of Sherlock Holmes and the Suffragettes!

The stick fighting, kicking, punching and throwing of Edward William Barton-Wright, and the jiu-jitsu of Edith Garraud combined into one unique, historical course that will inform the grey matter and help get your body a little bit fitter.

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No martial arts experience is required, and you do not need to be super fit to take part, we welcome everyone as long as you are willing to get involved, push your boundaries a little and give something new a try.

The course itself will run for eight weeks from 21:00 – 22:30 each Tuesday evening at the Melbourne Centre on Escrick Street, Fishergate, YO10 4AW. The course will be led by Lauren Ireland, an experienced HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) instructor who has taught at events across at the UK and Europe.

Whether your interest is most academic, or if you prefer the physical side of things, we’re confident that you’ll find something in this course suitable for you.

All you need to bring is a water bottle and wear comfortable sports style clothing (no zips, belts, jewellery or similar as there are throws in parts of the course).

Whilst the course is an excellent self-contained unit that will give you a taster of these unique systems, it will also allow you to carry on training regularly during this time slot at the York School of Defence should you wish to do so.

Tickets are £50 for the eight week course and spaces are very limited so be sure to book early if you are interested.