Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for one or two people at a time. If you bring a friend who also wishes to train you will learn at a slightly slower pace, however the price can be reduced dramatically as you can split the cost between you.

Lessons take place in a matted space in a private residence in the Huntington area of York, equipment is available for you to borrow for the duration of your lessons. Please note we have a friendly dog who loves people coming for lessons, however she will happily spend her time playing elsewhere in the house if it bothers you. If you suffer from allergies or would prefer to have the lesson at your own residence or a different location please let us know when you get in touch.

Travel within the York ring-road is free, a per-mile cost of 0.50p per mile will be added to any travel further than this, rounded up to the nearest £/mile.

Most students opt for recurring bookings, with lessons taking place at the same time each week and payments collected on a monthly basis on the 1st of each month. This is the preferred method of training and a discount is available, please see the table below for prices.

For half-day, full-day or weekend lessons and workshops please e-mail for more information.

Recurring bookingsOne-off bookings
Half Hour£20£25
One Hour£40£50

Our standard subjects are available for tuition in private lessons (catch wrestling, classical pugilism, English longsword, cut & thrust fencing with the broadsword, rapier, smallsword and sabre, langes messer, dagger, eskrima armed and unarmed, quarterstaff and bartitsu & suffrajitsu, polearms such as the pollaxe or spear, and medieval wrestling. We can also offer lessons on the greatsword (spadone and/or montante).